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Swimmers are expected to attend all practices except due to illness or extenuating circumstances.  Swimmers missing too many practices may have to forfeit being chosen to swim in a relay as their performance will be affected by a lack of practice. This decision will be made by the coaching staff. 

Swimmers should declare attendance and what events they are going to swim at the upcoming meet by NOON the Monday before the meet.

A swimmer must participate in at least two dual meets in order to participate in the Divisional Meet and/or invitational meets and receive a team gift. 


A responsible adult is required to remain on the pool deck during practice for 6 & Under swimmers.  Please do not drop off young swimmers without adult supervision both at practices and meets.


All communication will be done via email and the website. The website is If you’d like to be added to our email list, use the link on the web page.

Please refrain from asking questions of the coaches while they are working with swimmers. For the safety and productivity of our children, their attention needs to remain focused on the swimmers in the water. 


Deerfield Village Recreation Center and Pool rules will be enforced. Swimmers are expected to come ready to participate and follow instructions. Any swimmer whose behavior is disruptive and/or dangerous will be asked to sit out of practice for some period of time, or may be sent home. The coaches are responsible for the safety and instruction of a large group of swimmers; they have limited time to spend counseling individual children on attitude or behavior. Depending on the severity and/or frequency of the misbehavior, the swimmer may be suspended for several days or expelled from the team without refund. Parents will be contacted if there is a frequent problem. Any decision to suspend or expel a swimmer will be made by the DVST Executive Board.

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