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Eligibility and Cost


  • A swimmer must be a resident in good standing (all assessments paid) of Deerfield Village.  A swimmer outside of the subdivision may apply to join the team providing his/her subdivision does not have a swim team.  Rates charged to swimmers will be the same for residents and those from other subdivisions plus a $25.00 fee per family.
  • A swimmer must be 4-18 years of age as of May 1st of the respective swim year.
  • Fees are $130 for the first child, $110 for additional children and $75 for 15-18 year olds. 
  • A swimmer must be a novice as defined by the Northwest Aquatic League: a swimmer who has not participated in U.S.A. competition during the NWAL season.
  • A swimmer must participate in a minimum of two dual meets in order to swim in the Divisional Meet and receive a team gift at the year-end party.
  • Safety for each swimmer is paramount.  Therefore, it is required that each child be able to swim one lap across the deep end alone and swim one pool lap (25 yards) without an adult in the water.  (Resting on the ropes is permissible but not preferable; pulling along the rope is not allowed).  This requirement must be fulfilled by Time Trials.
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