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FAQs--All of this info is available in the Handbook and/or on the website.

1)  What is the date that practice changes?  The day after school lets out. 

2)  What do I do if I have to miss practice?  Please don't talk to coaches on deck as they are concentrating on many swimmers at once.  If you want to communicate with them, please email [email protected]

3)  What do I do if my child needs to come to evening practice?  Evening practice is available starting in June on Tues and Thurs to those who demonstrate a need.  Send your request to [email protected] and the Board will consider it.

4)  What do I do if I have to miss a meet?  If it is before the online portal closes for that meet, please log in and change your commitment to "No" and/or Email the Clerk of Course at TBA.

5)  What do I do if I have to leave a meet early?  Come find the Clerk of Course ASAP and/or let the parent supervisor know so we can plan for relay's at the end of the meet.

6)  Why doesn't my child swim every race?  All swimmers will be entered in at least one event in every meet in which they attend.  Relays are filled based on times and coach's discretion.

7)  How long do 6&U have to stay?   6&U events are all scheduled for the 1st half of every swim meet.  6&U can leave after their final event is finished.

8)  How and when do I know what my child is swimming?  The parent supervisor in each area will have a list of events when you arrive at the meet.  11 & up do not have a parent supervisor.  They are expected to look in the heat sheet and report to the ready bench when their events are called.

9)  Where does my child pick up place ribbons?  Place ribbons are awarded for 1st through 6th in each event.  Each Monday after the swim meet, there is a box at practice where you can pull your ribbons.

10)  What is the heat ribbon given at the meets?  Heat ribbons are given by the home team in some cases.  Deerfield may give ribbons when the swimmer beats his or her personal best.  Some teams give ribbons for all performances.

11)  If I am busy volunteering, can I stop to watch my child?  Absolutely.

12)  What should I bring to the first meet?  Sunscreen, towel, cap & goggles, camp chair, activities for child to play with inside the tent.  Breakfast, lunch and snacks are available at the concessions counter.

13)  My child needs extra help.  What can I do?  The coaches teach private lessons for $25 per 1/2 hour.  Go to the website and Private Lessons for more info. 

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